Online Financial Services Marketing

The Internet is unrivaled in providing an effective, low-cost way to reach prospective investors nationwide, enhance visibility and produce a significant ROI. Online marketing initiatives have significant advantages over traditional forms of marketing:

Flexibility. With online marketing you can quickly and cost-effectively test and monitor a variety of approaches and then quickly abandon poor performers and concentrate your resources where they produce the best results.

Focus. Online marketing and prospecting programs utilize geographic, demographic and contextual targeting tools that enable you to direct customized messages to carefully defined target audiences.

Transparency. You actually see what a user does on your site—e.g., what links they follow and what pages make them stop and take the time to read the copy. You can identify those approaches that fulfill your success criteria and provide the best return on your marketing investment.

Cost Control. You have complete control over the amount you spend on online marketing during any given period.

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Financial Services Marketing Book

This financial services marketing book by Suasion president, Jay Nagdeman, offers a fresh perspective on the marketing issues that impact the success of any financial services business.


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