Financial Services Marketing Strategy Development

We know from experience that the most successful financial marketing programs begin with a strategic foundation that effectively informs tactical marketing and product development efforts over the long term. We strongly believe that effective strategic planning is more critical to successful marketing than a large budget. Suasion Resources combines a full range of financial marketing capabilities to help clients formulate differentiated, actionable positioning, marketing and branding strategies. The firm's success has been based on its ability to help clients identify (or create) a competitive advantage that provides the foundation for market impact and profitability.

Our financial services marketing strategy development process is straightforward and action-oriented. We understand that an effective, market-driven financial services marketing and positioning strategy must reflect not only the unique capabilities and benefits of an organization and its product offerings, but also the realities of the marketplace. The strategy development process is custom-tailored to the client's culture and organizational structure as well as to their current strategic needs—e.g., realigning an entire marketing program, launching a new product, penetrating a new distribution channel or increasing marketplace visibility.

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Financial Services Marketing Book

This financial services marketing book by Suasion president, Jay Nagdeman, offers a fresh perspective on the marketing issues that impact the success of any financial services business.


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